[Icon for SQLEditor]

Another update of the SQLEditor icon - this time to fit in with the macOS 11 interface guidelines.

[Icon for Sequencer]

I made the icon for EasyGit by Georgios Verigakis. It's a Git server that runs locally on your Mac using your iCloud storage to store your repositories. Online sharable access under your control with no additional costs - sweet!

[Icon for Sequencer]

MalcomHardie Solutions and I have teamed up to create Sequencer, a native UML Sequence diagram application for the Mac. The app should be a welcome part of most workflows.

[App icon for Active Timer]

Active Timer, the best time monitor for your Mac – simply because everything is done automatically. I was the lead UX and UI designer, and made the web page.

[The entire app, all assets and code]

It required a lot of work to make Role Planet the perfect role playing app for both teachers and pupils alike.

[Interface assets, code and web site for En Passant]

Hans and I have joined forces to maintain En Passant, the best looking chess game on the iOS App Store. We're really proud of it.

[A pointing book for kids, with animal images, tracks and sounds]

I made The Big Pointing Book for kids. It contains animal pictures, sounds and images of the tracks they make.

[Icons for the popular Android app To Do List and Noodles]

I made these for Noodles; a really neat to do list for your Android phone ("To Do List" is free and available on all Android markets).

[updated icon for SQLEditor]

Updated the SQLEditor graphics, an application that has saved me many hours of work. All icons made by me.

[source repository icon]

A folder icon for a source code respository. To use it yourself download the file, get info on the folder, then copy and paste the icon onto the folder preview.

[toolbar icon for TexShop]

The TexShop project was in desperate need for a new split screen button, so I made this very plain toolbar graphic.

[final icon for Reveal]

The icon for the image utility Reveal that enables the user to edit some of the EXIF metadata of images.

[icon remake for SynergyKM]

I updated the graphics for SynergyKM, a GUI wrapper for the Synergy command line tool (installs as a preference panel).

[icon for my Stickies widget]

I made the widget and the graphics for Stickies Plus. With this you create new stickies without accessing the widget bar.

[icon for CocoDS]

I made the icon and graphics for this game organizer including toolbar buttons and several other images not shown here.

[icon for CocoDS]

Illustrations made for a long-gone web service ( that covered Mac and iPhone apps/games.

[barrel menu for small screens]

Suggested interface customization years before the iPhone. Roll the "barrel menu" with the joystick to reveal functions/apps.

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